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Who is Jesus?

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Who is Jesus? is an interactive eBook developed exclusively for the iPad®. Created by a team that includes Emmy-winning filmmakers and top Bible scholars, Who is Jesus? is a feast for the eyes, ears and mind. It answers the questions you’ve always wondered about in a clear,  engaging format that takes full advantage of the iPad’s capability for rich media experiences.

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“As we approach Holy Week, what a special gift to share with others. We have true peace of sins forgiven in Jesus…and this eBook will equip Christ-followers with yet another wonderful tool to share Christ with a hurting and broken world. I love that this book honors God with EXCELLENCE. So often, we don't equate "excellence" with "Christian". This eBook is superb…it's interactive, current with technology and the way people learn today, etc. Our three kids were huddled around me as we explored this together…”

Daniel Johnson
President, Wisconsin Lutheran College

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